Welcome Note

On behalf of the entire team at Islamabad Fashion Week, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome
you to the inaugural event which promises to be a plethora of creativity at its best with internationally
curated fashion showcases of the region.

IFW is a true showcase and celebration of Pakistan creativity that attracts both national and international
engagement and exposure. At a time when all eyes are on the fashion industry, we invite you to utilize this
great opportunity to be a part of the IFW family and capitalize on all of the buzz, energy and publicity
surrounding the fashion week.

Be a part of this conversation and be the change in the region.

Philosophy of Islamabad Fashion Week 2020

Being the hub in the Asia region, IFW focuses on quality over quantity, year round versatility & wear-ability
and longevity. Seasons no longer the relevant driving force. No matter where they are, we offer you a more
versatile wardrobe building on core influences that can be worn year round.

Taking on the challenge of working towards a more sustainable, ethically-produced and circular model within
the fashion industry, we will be encouraging everyone to evolve from “ take, make and dispose model” and to
work towards long fashion rather than fast fashion.

The Asian fashion industry is varied and diverse, and we all need to strive for the best possible level of
sustainable and ethical business practice that works for each individual business. Pakistan has a steadfast
reputation for making high quality clothes in beautiful fabrics, finishing and embellishments.

IFW aims to lead the fashion industry in a conversation on this goal and supports each participants to achieve
the best level of sustainability commensurate to resources. This is an exciting step for IFW and we will use this
high profile platform to help you share these values and ethics with a wider audience.

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